Top 4 Sexual Health Issues Faced By Men Today

Top 4 Sexual Health Issues Faced By Men Today
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The lack of exercise and improper eating habits has caused sexual health, or sexual disorder cases to rise significantly when compared to the past decade. The sexual health problems men face can often be solved by taking healthy vitamins and minerals from supplements along with eating correctly and exercising regularly.

Sexual health problems can have adverse effects on both the physical and mental health of the man. It is said that one in three people worldwide today face erectile dysfunction. Some patients who face such problems have admitted to sexual disorders leading to lack of confidence, anxiety, unsatisfying climax and depression.

Here is a list of the top four sexual health issues faced by men today:

1. Low Libido

Low sex drive or libido can become a problem for all men as they reach the age of andropause. However, younger men, as early as 21 can experience low libido. This sexual health issue occurs when testosterone is present in low levels as having low libido means having less of an urge to have sex. This sexual health issue can be rectified by taking supplements that boost the levels of testosterone and contain ingredients like Horny goat weed which are well-known aphrodisiacs.

2. Premature Ejaculation

Premature or involuntary ejaculation occurs when the man does not have any control over when he ejaculates. This lack of control over the ejaculation mechanism can lead to performance problems in bed with women often being left sexual unsatisfied. For most men, their ejaculatory control can last up to 4-8 minutes while those who suffer from involuntary or premature ejaculation cannot last for more than a minute or two. This can be combated with increased blood flow to the penis, allowing for harder erections.

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3. Lack Of Sensitivity

Some men suffer from a lack of sensitivity in regards to their penis.  The main reason for this sexual health problem in men is because of the nerve endings in the penis tip not being fully activated. Products found with Muira Puama can be beneficial towards getting more blood flow to the penis tip with vasodilation and activating the nerve endings for more sensitivity. This increase in sensitivity can help boost sexual experience and pleasure for both men and their partners.

4. Erectile Dysfunction

There are a number of reasons for men to suffer from erectile dysfunction, most common of which being the lack of blood supply to the penis. Erectile dysfunction is the inability to gain or maintain a hard erection for a period. Men who suffer from ED are often stressed due to the lack of sexual performance with their partners and can lead to fear of sex, depression, and anxiety. There are pharmaceutical products that can help combat ED but those usually come with side effects. An increase in blood flow to the penis with something to cause vasodilation for a stronger erection can be useful against erectile dysfunction.

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